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Holiday Cat Care

According to Cats Protection, Keeping your cat at home is the safest and least unsettling option when you go on holiday. They are less likely to be stressed and be more content in their own environment.

While you’re away, Melrose Holiday Cat Care can visit either once or twice per day to feed your cat(s) and tend to the cat litter.

If the cat is willing, we’ll give them a little fuss and attention too!

And we’ll even water your house plants!


One visit per day: £10* per day

Two visits per day: £18* per day

*Provides care for up to two (2) cats. If you have more than two cats, please add £1 per additional cat.
Visits will last approximately 30 minutes.


Please contact us by phone or email to enquire about dates. Payment will be required in advance, along with the checklist provided below.

Your booking will be confirmed by email. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact us before you go away.

On booking, I’ll arrange to visit you and your cat(s) to go through your exact requirements.


Please complete the following checklist, which I’ll collect when we meet:

Download the Cat Care Checklist

Checklist also available from the Cats Protection website.

If you are looking for a reliable, trustworthy domestic cleaner or cat carer,
please contact Melanie now on 07747 628190

Melrose Cleaning & Holiday Cat Care
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